Farmworker-Led Groups Push For Next Farm Bill to Include Worker Rights and Protections

Luiz Jiménez, 39, has been working on American dairy farms for 20 years. He is used to working long hours for little pay, fearful…

FDA Approves Narcan for Over-the-Counter Use

By Eli Walsh Bay City News Federal regulators approved the first over-the-counter naloxone product Wednesday, enabling people to buy the opioid overdose treatment directly…

Ali Duncan Noticed A Lack Of Diversity In Yoga Studios In Denver, CO —…

Ali Duncan following her calling has resulted in residents of her community also finding their own peace. Source

Texas Couple Allegedly Conned Black Community To The Tune of $10 Million

A Texas couple is being accused of targeting thousands of Black Americans as a part of their pyramid scheme. Source

White House Touts Black Business Gains, Historically Low Unemployment

Deputy Secretary Wally Adeyemo and Senior Advisor Stephen Benjamin discussed the Biden-Harris administration’s efforts to boost Black America. Source




Watch the dedication celebration of the long-awaited International African American Museum

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Women-Led Narrative Films Shine At Tribeca Festival: Boca Chica, Öte, Smoking Tigers

More From ForbesJul 7, 2023,06:00pm EDTThe 10 Best Movies Added To Netflix In July 2023 (Updated)","scope":{"topStory":{"index":1,"title":"The 10 Best Movies Added To Netflix In July…

DeSantis voters: Angry at Fauci, anxious about ‘Cinderfella,’ tiring of Trump

The Florida governor is appealing to the GOP’s right flank as he tries to peel support away from Donald Trump. But many are still…

John Goodman on Roseanne Barr, ‘The Conners,’ ‘Righteous Gemstones’ and ‘Mandatory F—ing’ in Television Series

“The Conners” and “The Righteous Gemstones” star John Goodman says he misses his “Roseanne” co-star Roseanne Barr, but he’s not sure he’d work…

Delora Vincent: Interesting facts about Vin Diesel’s mother

Having a Hollywood superstar in your family can attract significant attention, and that is certainly the case for Vin Diesel, the star of the…


U.S. Will Fund Study of Safe Injection Sites Despite Pushback

May 17, 2023 – Jose Martinez spent several years unhoused, jobless, and trapped in a cycle of addiction to synthetic marijuana – a lab-created…