Who knew Baz Luhrmann would be a fan of Pakistani cinema?

The acclaimed Australian director known for films like Romeo and Juliet and Moulin Rouge said he finds recent Pakistani films "really good". Source

Florida Man Allegedly Killed by Cellmate for Being Gay

A man named Janard Geffrard, 29, was allegedly killed by his cellmate Kevin Barnes 35, in a Florida jail because he was gay. Source

WA advocates take on sharply rising health care costs

Reports from the Insurance Commissioner's office and the state Attorney General reveal an analysis of what they call "the true costs of health care" in Washington. Based on the results, the Economic Opportunity Institute is asking state lawmakers to do more to address consolidation and sharply rising costs. Health-care costs nationwide have been on the rise. ... ...

‘It’s not just wages’: Black employment is up across U.S. says White House

Black unemployment across the country is as low as it has been in years, according to the latest White House economic report. Last year, Black unemployment levels reached record lows and is now just 5.3% compared to 9% three-plus years ago. No one person, administration or event can solely be given credit for this record Source