It can be a challenge to find great sources of content for Black people on the web. Today we need this content more than ever. So we want to send a huge fist-bump of gratitude to the team at for this list of the 130 Best Black Websites by Category for 2020.

It is a further honor for to be included in the category of “Best Black Websites for Business, Money and Professional Development”

This is especially rewarding since the people at Facebook have decided to BLOCK our content from THEIR platform.

They did the same for our sister site They claim “violation of community standards”. This made me throw up in my mouth. If you’re on Facebook you have seen some of the mental garbage they allow on the platform.

Why are these Facebook blocks suddenly happening now? We have been sharing content on Facebook for years with no problem.

We all know there is increased attention on matters relating to Black people in policing, social, health, and economic matters.

I wonder if these blocks are a coincidence or if the Facebook algorithm been altered to automatically censor economic content relating to Black people? If this is the case the public, our community, media, and political leaders need to know right away. If you want to reach out to Facebook CLICK THIS LINK or the images.

Of course, I’ve reached out for more details. Dealing with this automated, multi-billion-dollar Goliath is not easy. They have become the masters of censorship. So if anyone has any tips drop them in the comments below.

This is why I always advise people to OWN YOUR CONTENT and PLATFORMS. If you’re a business owner don’t rely solely on any of these social platforms for your brand and content.  At any time they can change terms, their algorithm or even user complaints may get you banned. It could be any random reason. “DO FOR SELF” will never get old.

OK, now back to this awesome list of 130 Black-owned websites for 2020. It includes Message Boards, Best Websites for and by Black Women, African and Pan-African Websites, and Best Websites for Science and Technology. It is the most comprehensive and diverse collection I’ve seen and definitely one to bookmark. They say the list is far from complete so keep checking in and spread the word. Be sure to check out the complete list HERE.

We plan to publish content more frequently. If you’re a writer looking to guest blog reach out. Maybe we can share your content on here as well.


NORM BOND is widely recognized as an international authority on marketing, social media and public relations. He’s passionate about using social media and digital technology as tools for economic development of the global African community. He blogs at and

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