In writing “Angel,” Bailey included affirmations as a way to keep going and as an empowering message to her younger self. The music video concludes with family footage of a young Bailey performing.

“This song was my affirmations that I would tell myself to be able to keep going because all of a sudden I was thrown into this world of so many different opinions,” she said. “It’s a very empowering message. I think I was writing it to the little girl within me, in my heart. I hope other people are inspired and feel the same way, but it’s definitely a black girl anthem. We need love, too! “

Ultimately, Bailey wants the track to be inspiring to everyone who identifies with its lyrics.

“Everyone who can identify with feeling overwhelmed and confused about life and everyone who needs that pick-me-up of it’s gonna be OK no matter what, you’re a motherfreaking angel, you got this, you’re here for a reason,” she added.

This is just the beginning of Bailey’s career as a solo artist. She previously told British Vogue that she has an album on the way. A release date has yet to be announced.