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( To be clear and succinct, the indiscriminate taking of black lives is unacceptable and must not be tolerated, and that includes—PAST, present and future. However, the insensitive and inappropriate behavior of taking the most evil and diabolical word in existence the n-word (n**ga/n**ger), putting it to music using it for monetary gain, shaking our booties to the rhythmic beat of it makes the Black Lives Matter Movement nothing more than a “disgusting” sham.

What about the lives of those victimized by the 300 year African-American Holocaust? Don’t their black lives count? Millions of Black people—men, women, AND children—were beaten, raped, castrated and/or murdered with “n**ger” being the last word they often heard. Yet the respect that’s being demanded today from others is absent within our own community towards our very own lineage.

Use of the n-word is transgenerational and it is time for black users of the term to grow up and shed the cloak of paternalism. The idea that use of the n-word by black people isn’t motivated out of racial hatred or animosity demonstrates a thorough lack of understanding of the odious impact of the term and the negative consequences its having on the black community in general. When black people are heard using “n**ga” as part of their private social vocabulary, it should be understood that they learned the word and its usage from white people presented to us with a psychological purpose behind it. The n-word is [more] than a slur or a derogatory term, it serves as a self-refueling, self-generating psychology conduit to ETERNAL mental enslavement.

During the African-American Holocaust the enslaved were purposely conditioned and programed to think the way their massa wanted them to think, and that is to see themselves in an inferior light, to hate themselves, to accept the designated image of that of the racist term n**ger/n**ga. The word is so stigmatized that any attempts to redefine it suggest that slavery and oppression never happened—but the fact is, it did.

Use of the n-word by descendants makes a mockery of all the abuse (mental and physical) that our ancestors had to endure. And for those of you who may not use the term but tolerate use of it by others makes you an accomplice. There is no gray area, no in between; you are either for or against use of the immoral n-word. Anything else is nothing more than a copout lacking the mental fortitude to take a stand one way or another, which is a spineless position to adhere to.

When it comes to the n-word often heard is the outcry…there are more important issues to be concerned about than just a word, which translates into a lack of understanding about the human mind and the psychological effect words have on us be it positive or negative. What needs to be understood is that until we FIRST take back control of our OWN minds, none of the existing pathologies within our community will ever be resolved. Since our ancestors were looked upon as sub-human, 3/5 of a person, and as bestial savage beasts they were, as a result, subjected to the worst form  of inhumane treatment—mentally and physically—ever known to humankind. So why is it we embrace the n-word—and not such terms as—coon, Uncle Tom, Sambo, jiggaboo, porch monkey, jungle bunny, etc.? Simple! We weren’t [programmed] to do so.

Any sort of brutal act perpetrated upon the enslaved was always fueled with the ranting of the word n**ger as if this would make any unconscionable acts executed upon a so-called “non-human” n**ger acceptable in the eyesight of the oppressor’s Christian God. While the hanged, beaten and maimed drew their final breath, the last words the victimized often heard were the chants of n**ger, n**ger, n**ger ringing in their ears.

Conclusively on into the 1960s this brow beating continued. In the early 60s young black male in the South were often stopped by the police harassed and beaten until when asked what was their name and they responded I am a n**ger/n**ga would the beatings then stop. Accordingly the beaten young black males—and black people in general—were always admonished to never forget their appointed place as that of a n**ger/n**ga. This same admonishment was made to black soldiers upon their return from World War II, after fighting for their country—don’t forget your appointed place.

The movie “Straight Outta of Compton” serves as proof positive that with the proper approach black people minds can be manipulated and massaged to accept an appointed place of disrespect and contempt and revel in it. Many mentally and emotionally-scarred descendants of slavery are so severely psychologically disturbed that they now actually fight for usage of the n-word—and just for this one cause—blacks and racists are united on the same team. Term of endearment the n-word n**ga is not, the 300 year African-American Holocaust, the horrific side effects of Jim Crowism and the Civil Rights Movement nullifies such an outlandish suggestion.

Attempts are now being made to replace what is often referred to as the Black National Anthem “Lift Every Voice and Sing” with rap artist Kendrick Lamar’s song “Alright” which is laced with the n-word. This continual effort of searching for ways to cast the n-word in a laudable light only further demonstrates the lack of insensitivity, sense and appreciation of the titanic battles that our ancestry had to overcome. It is only black people who are encouraged to accept base commonalities as a lifestyle giving further credence to the psychological intent and purpose of the pejorative n-word. Black America is the only group that constantly and voluntarily take definitive steps backwards.

The psychological beat down needs to cease that is if we expect to overcome anything. Consider black on black crime, whenever, such crimes are committed the victim is always referred to as a n**ga and not by their name, and n**ga isn’t being used as a so-called term of endearment. Psychologically, it is far easier to kill a n**ga than it is to kill John, Bill, Jerome, etc. Black-on-black crime is rampant and out of control, yet isn’t considered in the conversation of the Black Lives Matter movement.

When thuggish cops take a black life they see themselves eliminating another n**ger/n**ga, not a [human being]. The sentiment is that a n**ga is fair game to be abused and dehumanized; the word n**ger/n**ga is and will always have a grotesque, and deadly meaning to it, we have the power to eliminate use of this pejorative word but are [falsely] under the impression that we are helpless to do so.

Throughout the grand and glorious history of Black African-Americans there have always been the determination and perseverance to elevate our culture to great heights this quest needs to be recaptured. Since the advent of Hip-hop the indigenous struggle of Black America has become a self-imposed cultural genocide. How did it come to be that Hip-hop self-destructive messages is culturally acceptable; use of the n-word, misogyny, sex, drugs and money; going to prison serving as a badge of honor, violence, black on black crime. No amount of money in the world is worth destroying our values, principals and progressive convictions, yet it is indubitably apparent that this has come to be the case.

The African-American Holocaust was no joke, self-imposed cultural genocide is no laughing matter. Black African-Americans must somehow learn to separate itself from the minstrel syndrome stop taking ourselves and the n-word as a joke. If we the Black race continue to refuse to re-shape our minds and thinking regarding the n-word and other community-destructing behaviors—insisting on continual acceptance and embracement of the term n**ga, then the destiny and fate of the once dignified and truly mentally-free race of people will be assured and sealed; relegating the Black Lives Matter movement to nothing more than a joke a pathetic and disgusting sham.

Staff Writer; H. Lewis Smith

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