Your subway ride in the city can be disrupted by a few things: an argument between strangers, a homeless person asking for money and becoming angry when no one gives or, in this case, an unhinged racist tirade. In a viral video circulating on Twitter, an Asian woman is seen spewing a word salad of racial epithets on the subway train.

Per Hip-Hop Vibe’s report, the lady seemed to be verbally attacking a group of Black passengers, including the person who filmed the two-minute video posted to Twitter. Now, these weren’t just some microaggressions or corny “Karen” types of insults. This lady unloaded the clip like she was waiting her whole life to call a Black person the N-word.

“You like being called a n*gger, right? That’s cause you act like a n*gger, B-boy! I said to stay the f*ck away from me!”

To someone who began talking back to her she says, “Barack sent you? Barack sent you?!”

Then to someone else, likely a woman, she says, “Everyone who fu*ks your Black vagina, is a n*gger!” and proceeded to call her a “Black c*nt.”

Off-camera, the woman passenger encourages the others being attacked not to give the racist the reaction she wants. Some Twitter users said they wouldn’t have shown such a level of restraint. The real star of the video, however, was the white man who was brave enough to interrupt her tangent and ask her to “tone it down.” As a result, she redirected her fury at him screaming “Shut the f*ck up! I wasn’t talking to you.” Well…obviously.

One Twitter user reacted to the moment saying, “At least he tried to use his privilege.” That was only one of the many comments Black Twitter had to make about these videos.

On a serious note, for the past two years legislature has been hitting the ground running on #StopAsianHate initiatives and tracking hate crimes. Not to delegitimize the very real and very disgusting racism they faced as a result of COVID-19, but when have we ever seen such vigor towards anti-racism for Black people?