An 8th grade student Josiah Johnson was born without legs has recently made his middle school basketball team. Josiah Johnson who attends Moore Middle School in Louisville, Kentucky  has always loved the game of basketball.

“Something I had to do,” Johnson told WLKY. “I don’t want you doubting me because I don’t have legs. I want to show you that I’m just as human as you, and just as good as you are, if not better.”

Johnson tried out for the Moore Middle School basketball team and he made it. This is his first year on a team.

“I acted like I wasn’t excited in front of coach,” Josiah said. “When I went in the gym, I was excited.”

Since making the team, the teen has been proving himself worthy of the spot he earned on the team.

“He shows up every day,” coach Daquan Boyd said. “If we have to do sprints or something like that, he runs them too. That’s very exciting to see him go out there and do what everyone else does, as well.”

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