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Submitted by Layla Davidson, 11th grader | The Westside Gazette

Aftershocks from the Supreme Court’s historic decision to nullify a woman’s nearly 50-year-old constitutional right to abort a pregnancy are already starting to impact American society. It is becoming increasingly clear that a conservative Supreme Court majority’s willingness to disregard established precedent has created a destabilizing dynamic that may extend far beyond abortion in a country already divided ideologically. Abortion services have abruptly and practically been discontinued in a few conservative states.

When the Supreme Court’s ruling was announced on Friday, some clinics informed their patients that they would no longer be able to obtain an abortion there. Progressives are becoming increasingly worried about what the court may do next. Concerns about how the decision would impact fertility treatments and even contraception are mounting.

Additionally, companies are hastily formulating plans to pay workers or expand health insurance to cover out-of-state abortion services, but they are also concerned about upsetting leaders in Republican states who are itching for a fight. However, a fresh week can usher forth additional judgments that highlight the extremism of the Supreme Court majority.

This article originally appeared in The Westside Gazette.

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