National Black Justice Coalition Commemorates Ace Week, Celebrating Asexuality

CONTACT: Brett Abrams | [email protected] 

WASHINGTON, DC – From October 23rd through the 29th, the National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC), the country’s leading Black LGBTQ+ civil rights organization, joins many others in celebrating Ace Week. Ace Week is a time to encourage greater understanding and acceptance of asexual-spectrum identities. The Williams Institute found that an estimated 1.7% of adult sexual minorities identified as asexual. The Asexual Community Survey found that 3% of aces identify as Black.

While asexual representation in media continues to improve and more LGBTQ+/SGL groups acknowledge and include ace people, there is still a fight for visibility and acceptance. 

Statement from Victoria Kirby York, deputy executive director of the National Black Justice Coalition commemorating Ace Week:

“Black aces are important members of our community and are too often erased from our conversations about the needs of people living with various sexual orientations. This Ace Week, we encourage ourselves and others to do more listening and provide more support to people who don’t experience sexual or romantic attractions to anyone of any sex or gender.”

If you struggle with definitions and terminology related to the asexuality spectrum, view NBJC’s Cultural Competency Terminology Workbook HERE