If there is one thing in this world that you may experience, it’s a headache and for some, it’s unfortunately a migraine. There are so many reasons why you may experience these two things that if they were to be listed, you would be reading for hours. Headaches and migraines are common. In fact, they are so common that there are many over-the-counter and prescribed medications out there to help relieve pain, but what do you do if your medication doesn’t kick in fast enough? Or what about if you don’t want to take medication at all but are in dire need of relief? How do you get rid of a headache or migraine without medication? Well, try some natural remedies of course!

Why You May Be Experiencing A Headache Or Migraine

Though there are many reasons why you may be experiencing head pain and throbbing, there are some important ones that you should remember because they can be things you do every day.

One reason is due to lack of sleep. If you are not getting the proper rest you need, it can lead to headaches, which can then lead to migraines.

Another reason why you might be experiencing pounding in your head is due to not having the right diet or not eating at all. Food is fuel for the body and is needed to make sure it is operating properly. If you are not fueling your body with healthy foods, it has no energy to use to produce what it needs and work to its best ability, which will lead to headaches and migraines.

Technology is also a huge factor in why you may be experiencing an annoying and or debilitating headache. Staring at a screen for hours at a time, bending over to look at said screen, and not blinking as much because you’re staring at that screen, all lead to headaches.

All of these issues can contribute to head tension and pain, on top of underlying or known medical conditions that have symptoms such as headaches and migraines.

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10 Natural Remedies To Relieve Migraine Pain

Even if you are not Holistic, using natural remedies can be extremely helpful when trying to get rid of a headache fast. Here are 10 natural remedies to help relieve migraine pain:

  1. Drinking chamomile tea
  2. Using essential oils in a diffuser during a migraine
  3. Taking your vitamins
  4. Eat some ginger 
  5. Using essential oils to massage your temples
  6. Taking sips of water
  7. Stretching 
  8. Mediating or doing deep breathing exercises 
  9. Taking a nap
  10. Closing your eyes for 5 minutes and rest (make sure it’s dark)

The Benefit Of Trying These Remedies

These tips can be extremely helpful during a time of need. Not only do they give you an accessible and fast way to get migraine relief, but they’re also a lot cheaper as well.

Drinking tea such as chamomile or ginger can help lower stress and anxiety, which are factors of headaches and migraines.

Using them as essential oils as well as lavender oil and rubbing them on your temples or putting them in a diffuser can