Taking advantage of the “now,” Parker has been building her brand and taking things to new heights as she strives for longevity. As AfroTech previously reported, she even had the first exclusive plus-size line for Macy’s.

What’s more, taking a page or two from those who came before her, Parker knew that she wanted full ownership over the name she was building for herself.

“I was trying to figure out what I wanted to name my clothing line, and my business partner was like, ‘Umm, name it after yourself, name it after you,’” Parker shared. “So I got my name trademarked and I got the trademark certificate, which was like a birth certificate for me because a lot of people can have a name on their business, but never own it.”

Nina also explained: “If you know the story of like, Famous Amos, he signed his name away. So, there are people who can’t use their name [for] profit. And I didn’t want that to be something that I had to struggle with. That’s important. It’s your identity, it’s who you are. And because of that, it’s important that there’s a lot of care handled with that as well. So, it was really important for that to be something that I made sure it happened.”