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Fatherhood can come with many challenges and having the right skills is integral. Unfortunately, many Black fathers didn’t have the right start to learn what was required or the support system to help them grow. That’s where Terron Edwards saw a gap and decided to do his part in his community in Milwaukee. With his non-profit organization, ‘Fathers Making Progress’, he’s working with Black fathers and children to ensure the future is brighter.

Who Is Terron Edwards?

As you learn about Edwards’ background, it’s clear to see how his passion for helping fathers started. While growing up in Flint, Michigan, his father was murdered. After experiencing that tragedy at only 9 years old, he and his mother moved to Milwaukee.

Things didn’t exactly go smoothly in his new environment, though, and Edwards noted that he had a tough time. Eventually, he became a teenage father. 

While he felt unprepared and overwhelmed, he explored courses in HVAC and broadcasting to improve his education. He credits these steps with putting him on a better path to provide for his family. 

The Beginning Of Fathers Making Progress

It took some time for the idea of having his own non-profit organization to form in Terron Edwards’ mind. The first indication that something was missing came when he noticed that he was the only father who stayed with his sons during their time with ‘Head Start’. This program is designed to help the children of low-income families get prepared for school and other aspects of life.

When he asked other men why they didn’t stick around for a program that’s meant to add to their children’s well-being, he was surprised by how many of them didn’t see how it would be beneficial.

As Edwards moved from ‘Head Start’ to other programs like the ‘New Hope Project’ and ‘Walnut Way’, he noticed the same trend. Finally, he accepted the challenge to start mobilizing fathers to be a part of the community and their children’s lives. It was then that he realized the kind of support that a lot of Black men needed and ‘Fathers Making Progress’ started to form. However, it wasn’t until he consulted with his family and close friends that he decided to formally make it a non-profit organization.

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What The Organization Offers

At its inception, ‘Fathers Making Progress’ held weekly meetings, had fatherhood courses, and ran a program for Black youth who were transitioning into manhood.

An integral part of the fatherhood courses is having other fathers share techniques that work for them and helpful advice with young Black men. 

When the pandemic hit, the need for these programs increased instead of declined so Edwards and his team