Photo: CBCF

The Center for Policy Analysis and Research (CPAR) at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc. (CBCF) today released the second issue of a multidisciplinary journal focusing exclusively on public policy issues related to Black politics in the United States.

Entitled “Africa – America 2021: Re-envisioning Liberation for the Global Black Diaspora,” this edition of the biennial publication presents scholarship and perspectives that chart course for the future of Black leadership and advocacy and captures the spirit of modern Black movements.

Written by scholars and practitioners for a general, non-specialist audience, the Journal of the Center for Policy Analysis and Research (JCPAR) follows the standard of a peer-reviewed, social science publication and serves as a conduit between research and policy. With just over 10 entries, this issue has a special focus on topics including in-depth and innovative approaches to help advance the study of Black identities, ethnicities and diasporas, and in turn highlights how these perspectives inform representative governance and public policy.

“The CBCF is committed to informing policy and educating the public, and this issue of the JCPAR presents in-depth historical research and perspectives that serve our mission to advance the global Black community,” said CBCF President and CEO Tonya Veasey. “This issue also includes a foreword written Congressional Black Caucus leadership. CBC Chairperson Rep. Joyce Beatty provides insight into the Black agenda and the role of the largest-ever CBC during the 117th Congress,” Veasey added.

Published every two years, the Journal explains and helps readers better understand the factors, policies and socioeconomic conditions affecting African-Americans and people of African descent in the United States and across the globe.

“The Journal of the Center for Policy Analysis and Research provides an active intellectual collaboration and necessary space to explore solutions to systemic discriminations and injustices,” said Dr. Patrice Johnson, vice president, Policy Analysis and Research and the Leadership Institute, CBCF. Dr. Johnson serves as the Journal’s co-managing editor.

The publication also includes a special section devoted to the legacy of Dr. Ron Walters, a preeminent scholar of Black political studies, noted civil rights activist, and one of the founding architects of the CBC. Members of the publication’s editorial board represent organizations and education institutions across the country including JCPAR Editor-in-Chief Dr. Ivory A. Toldson, president and CEO of the QEM Network and professor at Howard University.

For more information and to download the publication, visit the Journal of the Center for Policy Analysis and Research.