About us

Since 2012 Omega One Connect has been uplifting the local community and the nation. We publish magazines and directories. We are a full-service Media Company.

2020 was a difficult year for many businesses so in early 2021 we decided to publish the Always Better Choice Black Business Directory (ABCBBD)! Please note, we have changed & shortened our name to Diversity in Black Directory (DIBD). It is our effort to grow and promote Black Businesses. Our current edition is available now in the Indianapolis Market. Our next 2 editions come out in the Spring of 2022. We intend to expand our customer base and footprint by publishing in the Northwest Indiana, Gary, South Bend and North Central Indiana.

2022 looks bright as ever, as we celebrate our tenth year in business and provide a much needed and valuable tool. We will provide information for the growth and development of our communities.

We humbly ask for you to support the cause and patronize the businesses that support us!


The Diversity in Black Directory will provide detailed information about Black owned businesses, churches and organizations that produce various products, goods, services and ideas that empower the Black community. Furthermore, we want to keep and circulate money in the Black community and strengthen our community’s buying power. In a nutshell we want to recreate “Black Wall Street” with highly effective and aggressive advertising.

The Diversity in Black Directory intends to assist and grow small, medium and large Black owned businesses, and connect its readers to global networks that provide access to the products and services. We will produce a hard copy version of the directory then put the publication online to expand its reach.

The target audience of the Diversity in Black Directory is the minority community locally and worldwide. We expect to have a significant / crossover usage in the majority market to further drive Black business growth and development.