About us

Since 2012 Diversity in Black has been published by Omega One Connect. Diversity in Black tells the story of Black America nationwide. The website informs you with news and views updated monthly.

The magazine is a guide to empowering Black America. In the magazine we focus on 10 unique areas that affect us as a people. CIVIL RIGHTS, COMMUNITY SERVICE, DIVERSITY, ECONOMICS, EDUCATION, HEALTH CARE, JUSTICE, MENTORING, POLITICS and TECHNOLOGY.

Our Mission of Diversity in Black is to develop branding solutions and to promote and support. business particularly Black business. We feel so often the negative news make the headlines however we like to dwell on the positive news and promote the good and positive in our people.
The news will serve to inform educate inspire and uplift all people. We publish mission driven content to make a strong powerful impact with intent and purpose.

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